Tomas Sauer

Tomas Sauer

Tomas Sauer

His research interests include:

  • Subdivision schemes and Wavelets

  • Multivariate polynomial interpolation

  • Numerical aspects of Computer Algebra

  • Applications of Mathematics in Medicine

  • Robot control

  • Learning theory

  • Control systems for machine tools


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Plenary talk: Linear Algebra methods for nonlinear algebraic problems and applications

Linear Algebra is a surprisingly useful tool once one has to handle nonlinear algebraic problems in a numerical world. This is well–known to hold for algebraic geometry, for instance in the computation of approximate ideals or when dealing with heuristic points, but it also becomes relevant handling high–dimensional interpolation problems by structured interpolation spaces. The latter leads to multilinear problems that again can be treated by means of linear methods.

The charm and advantage of such approaches lies in the fact that Numerical Linear Algebra provides efficient and numerically stable algorithms to extend symbolic methods in a stable fashion to noisy data and error contaminated computations.

The talk will introduce and survey some of these approaches and show that they are directly motivated by applied problems like modeling catalyzers in Chemistry or determining sparse representations of functions from point evaluations.